Mike's Miracles

"Strong Together"

Other types of donations for "Mike's Miracles"

  • A beautiful Popcorn machine was donated by George at Grantham Home Hardware.  We are using it at fundraisers such as the Port Weller Soccer League Banquet Day.
  • Thank you George!
  • A Laptop computer was donated by Rick at Avakian Computers to Mike while he was in the hospital.  It is now being used for "Mike's Miracles"
  • Thank you Rick!
  • Our lawyer, Charlie Taylor is donating his time and resources to "Mike's Miracles" to help us with the legal details of the foundation.
  • Thank you Charlie!
  • Robin Gambhir of Openblue Networks registered https://www.mikesmiracles.org/ for us and helped to get us started with the original "Mike's Miracles" website.
  • Thank you Robin!
  • Catherine Loch, owner of "Today's People" had taken all the newspaper articles on Mike and had her company plaque them for us.  We will display them proudly.  They will be a visible reminder of the impact Mike had on his community.
  • Thank you Catherine!
  • Port Weller Soccer League allowed us to set up a "Mike's Miracles" tent to raise money
  • Thank you PWSL!
  • Rob Langelaan and his family donated a Nintendo Wii system to "Mike's Miracles" to use as a raffle prize at the Port Weller Soccer League Banquet Day in August 2008 and a flat screen TV/DVD in 2008, 2009 & 2010!  This year they donated a DELL laptop computer!
  • Thank you Rob!
  • Nancy Schappert, owner of Niagara Inflatables lent us 2 inflatable games for the "Mike's Miracles" Beacon grade 6 soccer tournament.  The kids really enjoyed them!
  • Thank you Nancy!
  • Rick Jukes of the Port Weller Soccer League spent many hours lining the fields at Beacon for the soccer tournament.  They looked great! (So did Mike's initials by one of the goalposts)
  • Thank you Rick!
  • Jason Hultink of the Book Depot donated many great books for our Christmas gift bags which will be delivered to ward 3B (Mike's ward) at McMaster Children's Hospital in early December!
  • Thank you Jason!
  • Luis Pimentel of Lockport Sales donated 200 "Mike's Miracles" toques for our McMaster toy drive and for fundraising!
  • Thank you Luis!
  • Dean & Shelley Alexander of the "Shepherd's Guide" directory donated a full page in colour to "Mike's Miracles" in their 2009, 2010 & 2011 Region of Niagara directory!
  • Thank you Dean & Shelley!